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Immediate Access to Licensed Counselors – Employees easily connect with a counselor via phone, text, video, self-screening apps or in-person, with additional benefits like self-scheduling and vetted referrals to in-network counselors and specialists.

The Right Counseling Match – We offer a wide range of counseling modalities and evidence-based therapies, such as CBT, to ensure that each employee receives the right care. Our counselors can respond in the moment or align a vetted counselor, taking into consideration the employee’s unique circumstances and preferences

Innovative Digital Platform – In addition to direct counselor access, we offer the KGA LifeServices™ platform, which provides proprietary online services such as the KGA LifeReady™ prep series (BabyReady, RetireReady), KGA Wellness Path, MyMindfulnessChallenge and the KGA Bookshelf™.

Broadest Range of Services – KGA offers the industry’s most robust employee assistance, spanning Mental Health, Work-Life, Manager Support, Crisis Management, HR consultations and more – all overseen by a dedicated Account Management Team.

Comprehensive Integration – KGA services are fully integrated with each other and with third-party solutions and other employee benefits, so employees have access to a wide range of support in one place, without obstacles or delays.

A Whole Person Approach – We treat each employee as a unique, multi-faceted human being. When aligning counseling support, we take gender, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation and other employee preferences into account. We also ensure holistic support, integrating KGA mental health, work-life, wellness and other timely services.

Organizational Wellbeing – Our services extend beyond employee counseling to include manager support, leadership training, critical incident response, and other services that help ensure a more effective organization.  

These are just some of the fundamentals that set KGA apart. We are also known for our unrivaled experience, extensive reporting and warm, personal touch. Not to mention the exceptional user satisfaction levels that have made us the partner of choice for so many HR leaders.

KGA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, working in collaboration with KGA leadership, encourages and supports the diverse voices of employees, clients and the communities we serve, driving initiatives that recognize and celebrate our differences and commonalities.
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“We greatly appreciate all the information and guidance offered by KGA during this challenging year. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a resource and appreciate your great effort and positive results.”


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