Helping Leaders Manage and Employees Evolve

In addition to supporting individual employees, KGA provides services that help ensure organizational well-being.

Manager Support

We provide the diverse support services today’s managers need to guide the employees they support. Like confidential manager consultations around difficult employee challenges. In-person and online skills development. Managed Referrals for sensitive or potentially disruptive issues. Plus webinars, podcasts, articles and other Manager Essentials covering topics such as leading during tough times, dismantling racism, crisis response, remote management, performance concerns and more.

Training and Development Solutions

Our comprehensive live and e-learning programs encompass critical topics like diversity and sexual harassment, as well as performance management and communication skills. Whether through hands-on training, one-on-one coaching, podcasts or other formats, employees at all organizational levels can conveniently learn and grow.

Crisis Management

KGA provides the expertise and resources organizations need to successfully manage and recover from workplace crises. No matter if an incident involves a natural disaster, workplace violence, a colleague’s death, a pandemic or other disruptive events, KGA helps minimize the impact and restore workforce stability.

Wellness Integration

For KGA, wellness isn’t a program, it’s a way of life. That’s why we:

  • Incorporate our client’s wellness initiatives onto the KGA LifeServices™ platform, making wellness options visible to all employees
  • Provide monthly wellness programs (live webinars, videos and articles) that are promoted to employees in our KGA Spotlight newsletter
  • Offer The KGA Wellness Path, including six interactive online wellness modules addressing emotional health, physical health, sleep, nutritional health, financial wellbeing, and mindfulness
  • Complement our Wellness modules with live coaching to help individuals make healthy choices and establish healthy habits
  • Partner with clients to develop cross-program wellness communications and events.
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How does your organization address diversity? Can managers lead through a crisis? Do executives have the skills needed for today’s workplace? KGA helps ensure you have the right answers.