Customized Training to Address Real-World  Challenges

KGA offers a wide range of modular training courses that can be customized to meet a variety of organizational learning goals. With every course, we create learning experiences that reflect real-world challenges. Whether presenting virtually or onsite, we use targeted content to engage individuals in thinking anew about their teams, goals, barriers, and opportunities. In addition, we enable participants to apply course content to situations they are currently navigating in their jobs.


KGA’s trainers and facilitators are accomplished in their fields and bring experiences from across a multitude of industries.

Sample Programs:

  • Civility and Respect in the Workplace
  • Communication Skills Every Manager Should Master
  • Effective Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Increase Motivation with Teams and Individuals
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience Leadership
  • Unconscious Bias
Self-Directed Learning

KGA offers over 50 e-training programs calibrated for employee and manager audiences. Modular in format, these programs allow participants to progress at their own pace, when it is convenient for them.

Coaching for Employees at All Levels

KGA offers coaching to all organizational levels, from individual contributors and managers to senior executives. Our goal is to help individuals examine their current performance and create real-world strategies to achieve desired outcomes.  Our experienced coaches can assist with:

  • General developmental growth (e.g. manager or leadership development)
  • Transitional development accompanying a promotion
  • Interventions around specific issues, such as performance and behavioral issues

We consider every coaching engagement to be unique and multidimensional. Consequently, our approach remains flexible. Coaching sessions can last a few hours or become longer-term commitments to guide individuals through transitions and complex changes.

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