An Experienced HR Partner that Aligns with Client Needs

In an industry where some EAPs are so ineffective that clients barely remember their names, KGA stands out as a true partner. We have collaborated with HR leadership since 1982, continually aligning our services with their evolving requirements. In fact, some of our current clients date back to our earliest days.

Every KGA relationship is guided by an experienced Account Management Team working closely with HR to develop engagement campaigns focused on high-demand topics, targeted at specific demographics, promoting wellness services and much more.

As a result, our employee engagement, measured across online delivery, event participation, and individual case usage, remains unmatched, year after year. We also provide rolling  state-of-the-workforce reports that offer a clear, comprehensive view of employee needs, usage, modalities and other key data points.

Equally important, with KGA’s extensive experience, HR leaders can support all organizational levels, from desktop staff and line workers to managers and C-suite executives. In all cases, we work as a dedicated HR partner, building relationships around KGA’s long-standing mission: to help organizations create and sustain a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

95% renewal rate
five years running
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