Everything modern employee assistance should be. And more.

Everything global employee assistance should be. And more.

Everything innovative employee assistance should be. And more.

Everything diverse employee assistance should be. And more.

Everything workplace crisis management should be. And more.

KGA combines proven employee assistance services with the industry’s most innovative on-demand platforms and programs to meet the needs of today’s workforce – and tomorrow’s. Unlike conventional EAPs, we offer comprehensive mental health, work-life and management services that are fully integrated across a single platform, with live, personal support whenever needed.

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Mental Health: Immediate Access to Licensed Therapists via Phone, Text, and Apps - plus Video and In-Person Sessions

One call or click and your employee connects with a licensed clinician who’s right for them, right away – either live or through our self-driven digital platform.
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Work-Life: Addressing Daily Challenges Before They Become Emotional Burdens

KGA helps employees with childcare, elder care, legal and financial issues, nutrition, sleep struggles and other everyday challenges that can lead to anxiety and stress.
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“The staff is professional, and their service is excellent. The consultants and therapists I have worked with are top-rate. KGA has improved the quality of my personal and professional life. Thank you, KGA!”


Harvard University

A Platform So Integrated It Even Includes Other Employee Benefits

Our mental health, work-life, and e-learning services are integrated on a single platform, KGALifeServices™, which can also include other employee benefits – so everything is in one place!
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Organizational Well-Being: Manager Training, Crisis Management and Wellness

We help maintain productivity at all organizational levels through manager consultations, e-learning, crisis response, wellness program integration and more.
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“KGA saved me from having to look for a therapist in the midst of the pandemic, working, caring for an elderly person and managing my anxiety in the process.”


Boston Children's Hospital

Not Only the Industry’s Best Platform, but the Industry’s Best Partner

For nearly 40 years, KGA’s dedicated account managers have helped HR leaders meet virtually any need, at any organizational level. In addition to providing innovative services, we can develop outreach programs, build issue campaigns, and source resources that complement ours. And we provide detailed monthly reports that capture the most critical employee data.

Collaborative, active partnerships can improve program engagement by as much as 70%. KGA is ready. Are you?

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