counseling requests are immediately fulfilled by KGA Counselors
placement with a mental health solution
of users choose to switch between digital and live support
of users need more than one solution at a time... and get them
<3 Days
for access to an available counselor within the individual's health plan
greater engagement than conventional EAPs

Immediate Clinical Help, One Click or Call Away

MindTide, KGA’s dCBT Proprietary App

This app gives users the ability to care for their mental well-being at their own pace. MindTide offers a variety of brief, easy-to-use exercises, courses, and audio tools. It is integrated into our support ecosystem, allowing users to move between the self-directed app and support from a KGA counselor whenever they choose. Users claim 20% decrease in stress and anxiety levels after two weeks.

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“The services provided by KGA went beyond my expectations. Laura (KGA Counselor) is a "SHERO." The person you want to talk to when you don't know what to do or who you can trust to believe and understand your circumstances. I am grateful for Laura.”


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