Because Employees are Complex Human Beings

Employees are multi-faceted individuals whose personal and work challenges often overlap: Job concerns can fuel home life stress. A daycare requirement may create financial struggles. The anxiety of a divorce may impact productivity at work.

That’s why KGA takes a big picture view of each employee, meeting distinct needs – inside and outside the office – with meaningful, integrated services. We deliver these timely services in whatever way is most comfortable for each person, taking into account each employee's preferences for gender, race, ethnicity, language and sexual orientation.

Holistic Case Management

As soon as an employee connects with KGA for support, a counselor opens a unique case and guides them from start to finish. In cases requiring mental health support, we provide intake, assessment, treatment and referrals to in-network counselors/specialists as needed. Plus 100% follow-up to make sure each employee is satisfied. Whether counseling, financial guidance, elder care, training or other KGA service, employees get what they need, when they need it.

Detailed Reports: Information that Yields Insights

Equally important, we deliver comprehensive metrics that provide critical insights on the state of the client’s workforce. At any time, HR leaders can access rolling detailed data such as employee engagement, emerging trends, areas of concern, satisfaction levels and other information to help them plan appropriately.  

Employees seeking our help for stress, depression and anxiety often have a related underlying need we can meet, such as child or elder care demands, legal issues or other life challenges.