KGA Sleep Coaching Program
A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Non-Medical Sleep Issues
Your Employee Assistance Program has developed an exciting new program for non-medical sleep issues called the KGA Sleep Coaching Program.


This program is free for employees and family members of our client organizations, and provides a variety of services.

Sometimes sleep disturbances are indications of an underlying medical condition. The Sleep Program is not a substitute for advice from your health care provider. No matter what your situation, the EAP will be able to help you determine next steps.

KGA Sleep Coaching Program:
  • A thorough assessment of possible factors impairing your sleep
  • A sleep diary to pinpoint your specific habits
  • Articles, resources, and personalized education about proper sleep hygiene
  • Three telephone coaching sessions with customized suggestions to address your specific sleep issues
  • Email check-ins with an EAP counselor
  • A post-intervention assessment
  • Follow-up and additional resources as needed
How to Access Services

Getting in touch is the first step. Simply call, email, or connect with us via the live chat button on our website. A counselor will walk you through the process and begin with a thorough assessment. All of our services are strictly confidential. This means that no information about your personal situation can be released without your written consent.

Contact the EAP at any time at 800.648.9557 or email

Print a copy of "KGA Sleep Coaching Program" in PDF format.

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